Bibliography mode

This is my whole list of publications:

[bibtex file=mypub.bib]

This is my latest conference paper:

[bibtex file=mypub.bib key=CGW2006]

You can also have a list of keys to display more than one paper:

[bibtex file=mypub.bib key=CGW2006,CGW2007]

This is my bibliography maintained at

[bibtex file=]

This is my bibliography maintained at

[bibtex file=]

This is a bibliography stored in the papercite_data custom field:

[bibtex file=custom://data]

Filtering mode

The bibfilter command adds small html form where user can choose from authors and publication types. It does:

  • displays simple form
  • reads data from the form (what is selected)
  • alters parameters (author & type) according to data from the form in the original command
  • passes this modified command as "bibtex" for further processing

Example of use: [bibfilter group=year group_order=desc author=Nahodil|Vítků allow=incollection,mastersthesis sortauthors=0]

bibfilter uses the same parameters as bibtex command, with these modifications:

  • sortauthors=0/1: sort authors alphabetically in the form if equal to 1

note: if no selection is made in form, bibtex parameters are not rewritten, this means that you can combine both commands as follows: -if no filter for type is made, bibtex command is called with e.g. type=INPROCEEDINGS|INCOLLECTIONS -the same for authors, the parameter "author" defines: -all authors for bibfilter menu -all authors for bibtex command

Known limitations: sorting names in the form does not work with Czech diacritics very well, (e.g. Šafář, Řasa..)

Citation mode

The second way of using this plug-in (new to papercite), is to use bibcite and bibshow commands

[bibshow file=mybib.bib] Here is one reference [bibcite key=key1] and some others [bibcite key=key2,key3]

You can use [/bibshow] to end the bibshow section and print the list of references:

  • If the [/bibshow] shortcode is not present, then the bibliography is automatically displayed at the end of the page/post.
  • If the option is set, the [bibshow] tag can be automatically added when a [bibcite] is encountered. In this case, a default bibtex file should be given in the options.